How to purchase the book

How to choose the right payment method?

We try to make sure shopping in our e-shop is simple and pleasant for you. The most common payment method is using the payment card. If you are not sure, how to proceed with the payment with card, you can follow the video tutorial How to Pay by Card with the GoPay Payment Gateway? 

If you need to change the payment method, please follow this next brief instructions.

In the Czech Step by Step e-shop we use the GoPay system for receiving your payments. Most customers prefer payments by credit card but we also allow for the bank transfer, which is favoured by schools and other institutions for instance. You can choose any of those payment methods to pay for your order. We do not charge any extra fees for any of them.


After choosing the payment method (and filling in other fields), you will be directed to the GoPay site. If you wish to pay by card, fill in your data and click on the large Pay button. However, if you wish to pay by a bank transfer, click on the GoPay top bar to Change the payment method.


Here you can choose a different payment method - the Bank transfer in your case.


Then you just select the bank where you have your bank account and you can continue either directly to your Czech bank online banking, or to select Other banks to view payment details (which, for example, you need to pass on to someone else to pay the invoice, etc.).

other banks

At the bottom of the list choose Other banks…

other banks

You get to a screen with a bold View payment details button.

other bank

After viewing them,

other bank

you can pay by bank transfer from any bank. The account number and bank code are in the Czech format, if you need the international format, you can use the conversion to IBAN and BIC, for instance here.

Enjoy your shopping!


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