Česky krok za krokem 1 (English)

Česky krok za krokem 1 (English)

Lída Holá

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EAN: 9788074701290

Availability: Available

Language: English
Level: A1, A2
Number of pages: 204 + 72 pages of appendix
Set includes: textbook, appendix
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The Česky krok za krokem 1 textbook is designed for instruction on the A1 and A2 levels. It is suitable for students with more serious and longer-term interest in Czech, students from Slavic countries and as a supplement to instruction for university students.
It contains 24 lessons, which use communicative situations to develop all the language skills. Grammar is presented in clear tables and through easy-to-understand charts and pictures. Similarly, more difficult lexical phenomena are explained through translations. The original approach of declension models is used to present the declension system. Numerous text and exercises, anchored in the themes of the lessons, provide a foundation for vocabulary development. Personalization of the themes is another important component. Pronunciation practice and language mastery through collocation are also emphasized. The textbook contains a wealth of photographs and illustrations. A second volume, Česky krok za krokem 2, follows up on the publication and takes students to the B1 level. The publication's extensive vocabulary, quantity of texts and detailed explanations will satisfy the most demanding students of Czech.

The set is comprised of the textbook, grammatical and lexical Appendices and it is also supplemented with the two-volume Activity book 1 and 2, sold separately. The audio recordings in MP3 format and other materials including the Teacher´s Manual can be downloaded for free here.

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