Josef Čapek: O pejskovi a kočičce [A1]

Josef Čapek: O pejskovi a kočičce [A1]

Adapted by Silvie Převrátilová and Petra Bulejčíková

246 Kč incl. VAT

289 Kč incl. VAT Discount 43 Kč

EAN: 9788074702563

Availability: Available

Level: A1
Number of pages: 160
Set includes: book, 1 × DVD
Free of charge:

audio MP3

The latest volume of the Czech graded reader series is called "About doggie and pussycat." It contains ten amusing stories which have been entertaining children for many decades. The doggie and the pussycat are good friends. They live in a small house and want to do everything the way people do: they clean the dirty floor, they celebrate birthdays, bake a cake, go for a trip and visit children. The author accompanies the stories with his own illustrations. The texts have been written for A1 level readers to enjoy. The volume also features the original DVD with six popular short films about the doggie and pussycat.
The book includes exercises for the texts, activities for the films, a Czech-English-German-Russian glossary, and key to the exercises.

All audio records available free of charge: audio records in MP3

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