Jazykové hry a aktivity pro výuku češtiny A1.1

Jazykové hry a aktivity pro výuku češtiny A1.1

Zdena Malá

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New, significantly extended edition of the previous Language games and activities handbook. It contains more than 60 games and their variations together with learning activities to practise vocabulary and grammatical structures on the A1.1 language level according to the Common European Framework of Reference.
It is designed primarily for teachers of Czech as a foreign language but it may also be used by Czech language speakers who want to teach Czech to their foreign partners or children. Most games and activities are well known (puzzle games, dominoes, battleship games, card games, various board games and crosswords) and suitable both for adults and children. Teachers will appreciate the practical, well-arranged graphic layout, easy to use in their everyday teaching practice. Each game or activity consists of two parts:an A4 photocopiable worksheet and detailed description of the activity procedure. The aim of the games and activities is not only to understand, learn and automate vocabulary and grammatical structures but also to add more variety to classroom instruction and remove fear from the unknown concepts and boring drills, which may sometimes accompany grammar lessons. Student engagement, positive emotions as well as fun and relaxing aspects of playing games greatly help learn and automate lexis and grammar. Language games and activities is an ideal supplement to Čeština expres and Česky krok za krokem textbooks on the A1.1 level. However, it may be used with other textbooks as well.


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