Jan Neruda: Povídky malostranské [B1]

Jan Neruda: Povídky malostranské [B1]

Adapted by Lída Holá

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The popular Tales of the Little Quarter by the well-known Czech author Jan Neruda are being published as part of the Adapted Czech Prose series for students of Czech as a foreign language. The adapted Tales by Neruda have already been published in several reprints and are now appearing in a new, clearer graphic format. The poet, novelist and journalist Jan Neruda (1834–1891) is one of the most famous 19th century Czech authors. His name has been given to one of the streets near Prague Castle, where he was born in the House at the Two Suns. Neruda lived his entire life in Prague and his work is also associated with the city. His tales present the people from the Little Quarter in Prague with psychological accuracy and gentle irony. Thanks to them we have the opportunity to discover not only forgotten old world charm, but also timeless portraits of human characters. This publication presents a brief portrait of Jan Neruda, six of his adapted tales and brief details of the house signs of old Prague. It also includes a set of grammatical and lexical exercises for each text, a Czech-English-German-Russian glossary and a key to the exercises. The volume also includes an audio CD with a complete recording of the book. This work is for students of Czech as a foreign language at B1 level.

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