Pražské legendy [A2]

Pražské legendy [A2]

Adapted by Lída Holá

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Pražské legendy (Prague Legends) are published in the Adapted Czech Prose series, which introduces students of Czech as a foreign language to the wealth of Czech traditions and cultures. The publication is designed for students on the level of A2 and above.

Ten legends related to famous Prague sites introduce readers to humorous, magical and tragic tales which have been told in Prague for centuries. The book contains not only famous legends, such as O Golemovi, O Bruncvíkovi, O staroměstském orloji or Faustův dům, but also some less well-known ones, such as a tale about demons in Emmaus Monastery or a story about the origin of the laundry mangle rollers which decorate a window on Kampa near Charles Bridge. Thus Pražské legendy act as an untraditional guide to Prague and witness to its history.

Clear illustrations and photographs of the places connected to the legends supplement the publication. It also contains a set of exercises to improve grammar, vocabulary and communicative skills for each text, a Czech-English-German-Russian dictionary and an answer key to exercises. 

All audio records available free of charge: audio records in MP3

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