Halina Pawlowská: Košík plný milenců a jiné povídky [B2]

Halina Pawlowská: Košík plný milenců a jiné povídky [B2]

Adapted by Silvie Převrátilová and Petra Bulejčíková

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The publication is published in the Adapted Czech Prose series, which introduces students of Czech as a foreign language to the wealth of Czech traditions and cultures. It is intended for students on the level of B2 and above.

With this collection the Adapted Czech Prose edition focuses on contemporary Czech prose. Halina Pawlowská (born 1955) is one of the most significant contemporary Czech authors. Her prose has become the basis of several popular films, such as Díky za každé nové ráno. The author tells ten stories from her life, like Absolutní argument, Narozeniny, Relativita světa, Skřivan a sova, V rodinném kruhu and Košík plný milenců. She uses her typical detachment, self-irony and sense of humour to relate experiences and events from her childhood and adolescence, her family life, and her romantic and interpersonal relationships. The volume is accompanied with pictures, which illustrate the plot and help readers understand the meaning of the stories.

The publication contains exercises to improve grammar, vocabulary and communicative skills for each text, a Czech-English-German-Russian dictionary and an answer key to exercises. The set also includes an audio CD with a complete recording of the book.

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